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Who is the Founder of “Minkse”?

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Minku Buttar, founder of this engrossingly fresh and Bohemian collection of Fashion accessories for men, women and Home furnishings, has been bitten by the Travel bug since she can remember. Very haute bohème, she is blessed with a keen sense of perception and appreciation of “mother Nature” in its various elemental manifestations and metamorphosis of seasons, riot of colors as we all go through our lives year by year. She has lived all over the world and is now settled in Bangalore, India, for the last 8 years.

How did Minkse get conceptualized?

Minku’s well composed and captured photographs, from all over the world, needed to be etched as “pieces of art” forever, in a cushion , with flora and fauna print, strewn on a couch to brighten the corner with sunshine, a quirky and brilliantly colored sunset captured in a printed Stole, to be casually thrown on a svelte cut black smart evening jacket, or a early morning dewdrop on a flower petal etched on sling bag to travel with across the globe. You will notice the lichen growth of low-lying boulders and the moss encircling the trunk of trees and perhaps, a old decayed log softened by rot and spotted by moss, all blended beautifully in one picture, that then gets tastefully printed in high resolution digital collages on silk and other fabrics in order to encapsulate them forever as a woven dream !!

What is the Philosophy behind Minkse? Why the desire to donate to the NGO, Aim for Seva?

Its essentially an Online Retailing Business, that has blossomed by itself. Minku, feels that if one is in the right energy, and connected to your own Higher Consciousness, things unfold , like petals of a bloom, by themselves, without too much effort. Concepts, support systems, ideas, came from all directions by themselves, whenever help was needed. To stay rooted in your convictions is crucial. We enjoy creating and sharing, beauty that is to behold! Being a part of this NGO’s core fund raising team in Bangalore, to give value education to a few thousand Tribal and Rural kids in India, Minkse becomes just another avenue to give back to ” the less privileged” sect of Indian society. 5 % of everything you, as customer buy, goes directly to this NGO.

Where all has Minkse Art been displayed or sold?

On occasion, we have shown and sold our work repertoire in galleries. ( Mahua Art Gallery, Bangalore)( Art Bengaluru Week in UB city in Novemebr, 2013)( Cocoon, in conjunction with Mahua Art gallery, February, 2014).

What next?

We are releasing our trademark product line, “Spring of 2014- breath of fresh air”–a line of Fashion accessories and home furnishings, in silks, pashminas, wool, rayon fabrics and featuring one of our very favorite topics, Nature. We also already getting geared up for “Summer of 2014- riot of colors” Watch for these in coming months.

Is customization possible?

Yes of course, we love doing it to your satisfaction. Send us few pictures of your favorite holiday, pet, family members and we will create a collage, that can then be printed onto a digital print on canvas, of your size, to be framed, or on a cushion, or hand bag. It’s the best “gift” you can give for Birthdays, anniversaries, different occasions.

Are Franchises for the Collection Minkse available?

Yes, they soon will be. Please write in to us and we will answer all queries individually and with love and patience.

We thank you for stopping by and We appreciate you appreciating our sentiments!!

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