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About Us


Minku Buttar (Designer)

Minku Buttar, Designer & founder of this engrossingly fresh and Bohemian collection of Fashion accessories for men, women and Home furnishings, etc.

Essence of Minkse

Each theme is a woven dream !!

Explore the exotic kaleidoscopic color play with stylish soft furnishings and ladies accessories from Minkse Carrying the unmistakable burst of bold colors and free flowing formation of patterns, each photograph taken anywhere, anytime is encapsulated magically into a timeless piece of “Art”.

With great finesse, pictures taken personally around the world……a Tree in Kenya, a feisty river in Himalayas, pebbles on a river bed of Ganges, a regal palm in the middle east or a bloom in the streets of Paris….( to name a few), are all blended , juggled, shaken and stirred to form an amalgamation of a unique design steeped in the consciousness of Divinity at work !!!

Designed by Minku Buttar, the flawless and vibrant home collection has some of the finest and distinguishable pieces of furnishing available on the market today. Cushions, Rugs, Poufs, runners, Lamp shades, throws, form the home collection which is so merged with nature and yet perceptibly Minku. Vivid painted flowers are a riot of colors with bright blues, deep red, burnt yellow, and warm neutrals that bursts forth a joyous song first in your hearts and then in your living room, enhancing vibrancy with a modern yet eclectic look. Indulge in your first piece of “Minkse” and add character and flair to your home.

The Ladies accessories is a collection of utterly desirable Totes, clutches, scarves and Pashminas , that releases your inner Nomad with bohemian brushstroke prints . Disassociate bold florals and tropical hues with summer and layer them with heavy luxurious materials of wool and cashmere, and you can acquire a piece of supreme quality, that you can hit town in , looking chic and elegant. Great care and love has gone into choosing the most superior cashmere yarn for the Pashminas stoles and silk scarves.

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